Part 1: Advice prior to starting QIAseq Targeted Panels
May 23

The QIAseq Targeted Panels have allowed scientists to obtain accurate quantitative data and call low-frequency variants due to the novel unique molecular index (UMI) technology. This webinar begins with key points on sample extraction and purification. Focus will also be placed on library generation, key points and tips for the wet-bench workflow, and quality check procedures to ensure that the library is suitable for sequencing. Example data will be shared to illustrate ideal libraries as well as troubleshooting results where the libraries were less than ideal for sequencing.

Speaker: Jonathan M. Shaffer, Ph.D., MBA, Associate Director, NGS Assay Technologies – QIAGEN 

Part 2: Seamless workflows for QIAseq DNA panel variant detection and interpretation
June 6

QIAseq Targeted DNA Panel kits now include access to the CLC Genomics Workbench software, for push-button variant detection using pre-built and configured analysis workflows. Panel kits also include QIAGEN Clinical Insight – Interpret software, which provides unmatched variant interpretation information using the industry’s leading curated knowledge base. This webinar will include step-by-step demonstrations of both these software applications, highlighting seamless analysis workflows, comprehensive variant reporting capabilities, and other time-saving functions that accelerate the pace of NGS panel discovery.
About the speaker
Jonathan M. Shaffer, Ph.D., MBA, Associate Director, NGS Assay Technologies
Date of recording:Thursday, May 23, 2019
Duration:45 minutes
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