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Syndromic testing

Syndromic testing for GI infections with QIAstat-Dx

Overcome the challenges of conventional GI testing

Gastrointestinal (GI) infections can be caused by many distinct viral, bacterial and parasitic pathogens. These pathogens often have similar characteristic symptoms, however, making accurate diagnosis difficult. Selecting the appropriate treatment depends on knowing which pathogen is causing the infection and whether co-infection is present.

While conventional testing methods, like microscopy and culture, are slow and cumbersome, multiplex syndromic testing provides results for multiple pathogens in about an hour. With QIAstat-Dx, your lab is easily set up for upcoming GI testing needs.

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New: Be ready for summer gastroenteritis season with our enhanced gastrointestinal panel

We’re proud to release our new and improved QIAstat-Dx Gastrointestinal Panel 2 to help you meet the challenges of gastroenteritis this season. With this updated version of our multiplex syndromic cartridge, you can now detect and differentiate 22 bacterial, viral and parasitic targets, including Shiga-like toxin-producing E.coli (STEC) stx1 and stx2. Importantly, this information can be used to determine the risk of certain patient populations to hemolytic uremic syndrome and can help you better monitor your patients.

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Take your diagnostics to new heights
Meet the QIAstat-Dx Rise, the new higher-throughput member of the QIAstat-Dx family. The QIAstat-Dx Rise combines a quick and easy workflow with random access capabilities for increased testing capacity. This powerhouse instrument is uniquely built to fit the needs of high-demand institutions, helping you test up to 160 samples per day with eight Analytical Modules.
Why you need syndromic testing for GI diagnostics

With syndromic testing, results for multiple pathogens are delivered at once. And compared to traditional methods, it can provide results faster. The benefits of syndromic testing extend through the lab, hospital and to the patients.

Read why you should use syndromic testing for GI infections in our new brochure.

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QIAstat-Dx Respiratory 2019-nCoV Panel
Infographic guide now available for your lab
The QIAstat-Dx Gastrointestinal Panel utilizes the same unique easy-to-use cartridge your lab is farmiliar with. Check out our sample preparation flyer to see how easy it is to prepare a GI sample.
The QIAstat-Dx Gastrointestinal Panel shows strong performance in prospective multicenter pivotal clinical trial (1)
A multicenter evaluation of the QIAstat-Dx Gastrointestinal Panel investigated the performance of the panel, which uses real-time RT PCR to test for 24 viral, bacterial and parasitic pathogens, against the performance of the BioFre FilmArray panel. Check out the publication summary flyer and full test article to see the findings.

This study was performed with the DiagCORE analyzer and DiagCORE Gastrointestinal Panel V2.
Currently available as QIAstat-Dx. Not Available in all countries.

Check out the paper

The QIAstat-Dx Analyzer, QIAstat-Dx Rise and QIAstat-Dx Gastrointestinal Panel 2 are intended for in vitro diagnostic use.

Product availability may differ from country to country based on regulations and approvals. Contact your country representative for further details.