Ultra-clean PCR
Ultra-clean PCR

Superior purity for reliable results

In sensitive microbial and microbiome studies with low biomass samples, standard commercial PCR kits and reagents can introduce tiny quantities of contaminating nucleic acids that affect experimental results and conclusions. This risk is increased with generic priming strategies such as 16S amplification and subsequent sequencing, with added signals from contaminating bacterial DNA.
The first step in avoiding contamination is to use reagents that don’t include it.
Ultra-clean production enables absolute certainty in your reagents

Manufactured under special conditions to ensure the purity of reagents and components, our UCP kits:

  • Eliminate residual DNA and background noise using ultra-clean, nucleic acid-depleted reagents
  • Produce reliable, robust results against inhibitors over a wide range of GC content
  • Fulfill the needs of NGS workflows and library preparation
Our range of UCP PCR Kits is highly suited for microbiome and other sensitive microbial research applications such as pathogen detection, microbial ID, food surveillance, QC or residual DNA testing and studies of host-microbe interactions. UCP will bring greater precision to your experiments and confidence in your results.
Unquestionable, high-fidelity PCR

Unquestionable, high-fidelity PCR

Cloning and sequencing workflows demand sensitive and bias-free (pre-) amplification. Get the assurance of ultra-clean reagents, combined with our unsurpassed inhibitor resistance and sensitivity of our proprietary, proof-reading polymerase. The UCP HiFidelity PCR Kit is the best choice for rigorous PCR applications using even the most challenging samples, like blood and microbial samples.

  • Highly sensitive and specific end-point PCR in convenient mastermix format
  • Exceptionally fast PCR with fidelity 70 times higher than Taq
  • Hot-start mechanism controlling both polymerase and proofreader activity

Unbiased multiplexing

16S rRNA sequencing, metagenomic shotgun sequencing and standard multiplex PCR require unbiased results. The UCP Multiplex PCR Kit combines ultra-clean reagents with high multiplexing capacity, inhibitor-resistant amplification and minimization of GC bias to address the most rigorous multiplex PCR applications.

  • Highly sensitive and specific multiplex, hot-start, end-point PCR
  • Multiplexing suited for genetic and microbiome/metagenome analysis
  • Ideal for NGS library preparation

View this poster about using UCP kits in 16S sequencing workflows.

Unbiased multiplexing
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