OEM Process

Partnering with OEM by QIAGEN – How does the process work?

As a developer of an innovative product for molecular biology markets, you face diverse challenges in your research, development, quality control and supply chain operations. Whether you develop commercial PCR assays, NGS technologies, or a sample purification workflow, you need to make sure you have consistent, high-quality components available. OEM outsourcing can help you plan your manufacturing within agile timelines to match your business goals. Sometimes starting from scratch is just too time-consuming. Learn more about the OEM process at QIAGEN.
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Allow OEM by QIAGEN to be your trusted partner in making the correct "make or buy" decisions.

From inquiry to specifications

OEM by QIAGEN will put together a team of specialists to guide you with full confidentiality as we apply our expertise to realize your idea. The OEM process begins with a comprehensive review of your goals and needs. This results in a detailed validation of how to turn your idea into a commercial product. This evaluation process results in a full understanding of the project, its complexity and its scope.

The OEM process begins with a comprehensive review of your goals and needs

Consulting and evaluation

OEM by QIAGEN scientists and a cross-functional team of experts is at your disposal from the start of the OEM process. The initial evaluation is critical to the success of your project. It entails three steps:

From prototype to production

From prototype to production

OEM by QIAGEN provides you access to the infrastructure you need to develop, sample, test and produce. From a single component to an entire workflow, you can rely on QIAGEN’s consistent, high-quality development and production capabilities. Benefit from enhanced compliance and save considerable OPEX, knowing you can trust our OEM processes and documentation. Our production adheres to GMP guidelines for lot-to-lot consistency and our facilities are ISO certified.

Interactive online tool to review OEM portfolio

Assay development with diverse suppliers can be complex and expensive. Allow OEM by QIAGEN to help you to consolidate your supply chain.

Introducing a new interactive tool: The Periodic Table of Kit Components, designed to help you efficiently outsource components for your molecular assays.

Periodic table
Interested in OEM? Contact us now
Allow OEM by QIAGEN to be your trusted partner in making the correct "make or buy" decisions.

From manufacturing to market

OEM by QIAGEN offers manufacturing capabilities worldwide, with coordinated production planning to ensure we deliver your component when and where you need it. Allow us to help you fulfill your inventory requirements. Establish an OEM process to make the most of our bulk production and kitting capabilities. We cater to your needs with white packaging and customized aliquots or concentration.

OEM by QIAGEN offers manufacturing capabilities worldwide
  • Ultra-pure enzymes
  • Polymerase, RT, ligase
  • PCR, qPCR, NGS reagents
  • Custom enzymes & buffers
  • Lyophilization
  • Custom reagent kit manufacturing
  • E. coli fermentation

2,300 sqm

  • Supplied a gross majority of the industries’ NGS enzymes
  • Hundreds of large scale enzyme purifications

ISO 13485

  • Assay manufacturing (filling, formulation, assembly)
  • Nucleic acid extraction
  • Filter plates
  • Lyophilization
  • Lateral flow strip manufacturing

15,000 sqm

  • Millions of tubes & vials filled
  • Hundreds of thousands of liters of buffer, lyophilized vials & kits

ISO 9001, 13485, cGMP

  • Sample technology consumables
  • Enzymes
  • PCR reagents and assays
  • NGS consumables
  • LNA amidites
  • Automation technology

14,000 sqm

  • Millions of kits, cartridges & columns
  • Hundreds of thousands of liters of buffer

ISO 9001, 13485, cGMP, ISO 18385

  • Modified Oligonucleotides
  • Unmodified Oligonucleotides
  • TaqMan probes
  • Blocker
  • NGS adapters
  • Homopolymers
  • LNA oligonucleotides

20+ clean rooms

  • Thousands of oligo batches synthesized for:
    > 0.15 μmol
    < 60 μmol
    0.04 μmol 0.1 μmol fast track products

ISO 9001, 13485, cGMP

From launch to a long-term partnership

From launch to a long-term partnership

The OEM process is not over after delivery. OEM by QIAGEN provides expert support, enabling you to scale your production as needed and continuously improve your components and products. No matter the size of your company, we are committed to supporting you every step of the way. When you partner with us, you can be sure that your OEM outsourced components and products are delivered with consistent quality and on time, over time.

Business continuity

OEM by QIAGEN provides you with access to our broad portfolio of products and components. Allow us to be your trusted partner with full confidentiality and transparency from the get-go.

With our track record of kit manufacturing, we turn innovations into commercial products. You can be sure of outstanding quality as we scale to match your business growth.