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Whole Transcriptome Sequencing Service

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Whole Transcriptome Sequencing Service enables the characterization of all RNA transcripts for a given organism, including coding and non-coding RNA (above 170 nt in size) and regardless of whether or not they are polyadenylated. We perform ribosomal RNA depletion through the use of FastSelect and its highly selective, LNA-enhanced oligo technology. The remaining RNAs are fragmented and converted into whole transcriptome cDNA NGS libraries prior to paired-end sequencing, which allows for both discovery work and differential expression analysis.

  • End-to-end service: We take care of every step, from sample preparation to data analysis
  • Highly efficient library preparation: Sensitive detection of low-expression RNA molecules with increased complexity and transcript coverage
  • Maximized unique sequencing reads: Highly efficient rRNA and globin mRNA removal through QIAseq FastSelect technology
  • Ready-to-publish data: We deliver comprehensive reports and data packages, and provide guidance on the next steps
  • Biological insights: Our bioinformatics experts will help you interpret the data and provide guidance regarding next steps of your research
  • Tumor micro-environment (TME) insights: optional Xerna analysis now available. Learn more

Partner with us for expert guidance and dedicated service – from Sample to Insight® – for profiling your samples today.

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Predict patient response to immune targeted therapies
Xerna TME Panel

Request the Xerna TME panel analysis with the immune status classification for solid tumors.

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