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mRNA and lncRNA qPCR Service

Reliable quantitation of your transcripts of interest, using state-of-the-art technologies

Gene expression analysis requires a sensitive and reliable methodologies for accurate and simultaneous quantification of both rare and abundant transcripts in the same sample. The RT2 Profiler PCR Array combines the advantage of real-time PCR with the ability of microarrays to detect the expression of many genes simultaneously.

RT2 Profiler PCR Arrays are designed to analyze a panel of genes related to a disease state or biological pathway. Our mRNA and lncRNA qPCR Service combines this high-throughput technology with scientific expertise for answering your biological questions and offers the following benefits:

  • End-to-end service: we take care of every step, from sample preparation to data analysis
  • Guidance: we aid in designing your project, including the selection of normalizers
  • Post-NGS validation: we aid in designing your mRNA and lncRNA validation project
  • Flexible layout: we offer predesigned pathway-focused panels and custom panels tailored to fit your needs
  • Ready-to-publish data: we deliver comprehensive reports and data packages and provide guidance on the next steps
Partner with us for expert guidance and dedicated service – from Sample to Insight – for profiling your samples today.
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RT² Profiler PCR Demo Report

Genomic Services demo reports will give you a good idea of the data analysis provided by your service project. Check out this demo report for results from the mRNA and lncRNA qPCR Service.

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Service Profile for mRNA and lncRNA qPCR Service
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