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miRNA qPCR Service

Reliable quantitation of your transcripts of interest, using top-performing locked nucleic acid technology

QIAGEN Genomic Services has extensive experience in miRNA profiling with qPCR using a multitude of sample types, including tissues, cells and the most challenging types of biofluids, such as urine and cerebral spinal fluid (CSF). The miRCURY LNA qPCR platform is a very specific and sensitive method to achieve reproducible results even from the most dilute samples. We prepare individual miRCURY LNA miRNA PCR Panels according to your particular requirements. Both forward and reverse PCR amplification primers are miRNA specific and are optimized with locked nucleic acid (LNA) technology, enabling extremely sensitive and specific miRNA quantification.

Our miRNA qPCR Service combines this highly specific and sensitive technology with scientific expertise for answering your biological questions and offers the following benefits:

  • End-to-end service: we take care of every step, from sample preparation to data
  • Guidance: we aid in designing your project, including the selection of normalizers
  • Flexible layout: we offer predesigned miRNome and focus or custom panels produced for your specific needs
  • qPCR-based quality controls: locked nucleic acid (LNA) RNA spike-in controls to monitor RNA extraction efficiency, miRNA content, inhibition and hemolysis
  • Post-NGS validation: we assist in designing your miRNA validation project
  • Ready-to-publish data: we deliver comprehensive reports and data packages and provide guidance on the next steps

Partner with us for expert guidance and dedicated service – from Sample to Insight® – for profiling your samples today.

miRNA qPCR Data Analysis Report QIAGEN
miRNA qPCR Data Analysis Report
Genomic Services demo reports will give you a good idea of the data analysis provided by your service project. Check out this demo report for results from the miRNA qPCR Service.
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