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Automated Sample Preparation

EZ2 Connect instruments

Feeling pressure in the lab?

Pressure can build up when people are anxiously waiting for the results of your investigation. What difference would it make if you could ... ?

  • Process up to 24 samples – whether simple or complex – at the same time
  • Automate the heating and pipetting steps in your nucleic acid extraction workflow
  • Increase the reproducibility of your experiments and results
  • Monitor the status of your instruments and runs even from outside the lab

You can do all these and more with the EZ2 Connect instruments.

Experience EZ2 Connect

See for yourself how EZ2 Connect redefines the standard for automated nucleic acid extraction on benchtop instruments.

Walk through the software-guided run setup and sample loading process. Peek into the EZ2 Connect’s internal workings. Take a closer look at the user interface.

Discover how you can get high-quality nucleic acids faster and easier with EZ2 Connect.

Step up with EZ2 Connect Fx

Get high-quality nucleic acids for your forensic analyses in only 20 minutes.

Maximize process safety with prefilled, ready-to-use forensic grade (ISO18385) reagent cartridges. Get full traceability with an internal camera for load checks and cartridge recognition. With an efficient workflow using HID tailored protocols and cloud-based monitoring, you can increase your lab's efficiency and reduce rework from anywhere!

Unravel the simplicity, process safety and speed in HID sample prep with the EZ2 Connect Fx.

EZ2 Connect in a lab
Working on EZ2 Connect in lab

Will EZ2 Connect let you process all your sample types? Is it true that it will let you do your lab work even from outside the lab? How fast can your team get trained on it? And how does it fit into your budget considerations?

View this on-demand webinar and get answers directly from the EZ2 Connect development team.

Experience the EZ2 Connect in your own lab
There’s only one way to be sure that the EZ2 Connect is right for you. Try it out in your own lab. It’s as easy as filling out our online request form to qualify for a no-obligation onsite demo.
The EZ2 Connect and EZ2 Connect Fx are intended for molecular biology applications. These products are not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.