QIAstock online — receive your QIAGEN products even faster!

Contact your local Customer Care Department or see below for more information.

What is QIAstock?

QIAstock onsite stocking makes QIAGEN products available when and where you need them! It is an economical way to store your choice of QIAGEN products in a convenient location — significantly reducing loss of valuable research time while waiting for shipments and deliveries. Contact us to discuss QIAstock.

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What will QIAstock mean to you?

QIAstock users benefit from cost savings through exclusive QIAstock discounts and offers. Stock replenishment is not only fast, but free of charge! Products are ready and waiting for whenever you need them. In addition, your QIAGEN Representative can help identify new products that may benefit your research to add to the inventory.

QIAstock Administrators are offered a premium service — regular visits by QIAGEN Representatives to support the onsite stock and help with any other requirements. You can expect QIAGEN’s high-quality customer service through regular communications and updated product information, as well as hassle-free ordering and fast delivery to your door. Paperwork and administration costs are also reduced.

How does QIAstock work?

Your QIAGEN Representative will work with you to decide which QIAGEN products are stocked, depending on your requirements. These items are then provided by QIAGEN as an onsite supply for immediate access and use.

Contact your local QIAGEN office or representative to request a short demonstration of the system.

What QIAstock provides

QIAstock provides:

  • Convenience
  • Economy
  • Efficiency
  • Personal service
  • Flexibility

Hundreds of QIAstocks are already operating throughout the world. Contact us today for more information about QIAstock onsite stocking.