Corporate Business Development - QIAGEN

Commercial opportunities

To continue to meet and exceed customer expectations in our developing commercial markets, QIAGEN plans to optimize and diversify its technology interests in the following areas:

  • Novel technologies for handling and preparing samples prior to analysis of nucleic acids and proteins
  • Fractionation, enrichment, and depletion technologies
  • Amplification technologies
  • Storage, retrieval, and transportation solutions
  • Molecular testing, clinical research, and diagnostics using nucleic acids
  • RNAi synthesis, design, modification, and delivery
  • Gene expression at the RNA and protein level
  • General molecular biology research
QIAGEN believes that innovation occurs anywhere that humans are solving problems that make improvements in life possible. We recognize that the diverse ingenuity of individuals, regardless of age, educational background, gender, nationality, physical abilities, race, ethnic background, or religion, is a foundation for successful innovation in our workplace and products. Consequently QIAGEN welcomes the opportunity to consider business partnerships with organizations that strive to achieve better sample to insight solutions, regardless of their size or global location.
Business and technology development
If you know of any product/service development opportunities in the above fields, we would be very interested in hearing from you.