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Celebrating World Cancer Research Day 2023

September 24, 2023

Read inspiring conversations on how research enables advances that mitigate cancer’s impact and drive us toward a cancer-free future.

World Cancer Day

Meet Ceres Fernandez Rozadilla – cancer researcher and coordinator of the ColoMARK network

September 15, 2023

Read about the experiences, insights, and motivations of a cancer researcher contributing to the fight against cancer through her work on genetic predisposition to colorectal cancer.

Ceres Fernandez-Rozadilla

From rare to revealed: Detect those all-important but elusive variants from cfDNA

June 14, 2023

Detect ultra-rare variants at 0.1% variant allele frequency from cfDNA using a streamlined, 8-hour library prep workflow.

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Four applications of dPCR fundamental to cancer genomics

May 23, 2023

Learn how digital PCR contributes to cancer genomics research in applications such as analysis of gene fusion, copy number variation and epigenetic changes.

IAseq Targeted RNAscan Panel