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Next-generation sequencing

Single-cell sequencing

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Maximize insights from minimal sample amounts

Working with single cells, cell populations or low-input DNA or RNA should not limit your ability to uncover a deeper view of the genome or transcriptome. QIAseq Single Cell Library Kits UDI can help you unravel genomic and transcriptomic details from single cells and limited amounts of nucleic acids. Prepare high-complexity whole genome or whole transcriptome libraries using a one-tube workflow with minimal hands-on time. Worried about bias? The PCR-free protocol means you can avoid a negative impact on library diversity from the loss of low-abundance transcripts or GC and length bias. Inclusion of Unique Dual Indices (UDI) minimizes sequencing artifacts due to “index hopping” on Illumina NGS instruments.
QIAseq Single Cell DNA Library Kits UDI
  • Whole genome libraries from single cells
    in <4 h
  • Analyze sequence and copy number variations anywhere in the genome
  • Delivers PCR-free NGS libraries and amplified gDNA for follow-up testing
  • REPLI-g DNA polymerase MDA delivers high-fidelity amplification and reduces false-positives
  • Includes Unique Dual Indices to minimize sequencing artifacts due to “index hopping” on Illumina NGS instruments
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QIAseq Single Cell RNA Library Kits UDI
  • Start with single cells, cell populations or enrich for small RNA genomes or viruses
  • Choose to focus on mRNAs or explore the transcriptome
  • REPLI-g RNA amplification and PCR-free protocol reduces bias and provides greater reproducibility
  • Includes Unique Dual Indices which ensure high-quality data from NovaSeq and patterned flow cells
  • NGS-ready libraries from single cells in 5.5 h
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Title: Utilizing RNA and DNA plate-seq workflows for low-input or rare single-cell genomics

Speakers: Felix Alonso-Valenteen Ph.D., Field Application Scientist, Namocell and Ioanna Andreou, Ph.D., Associate Director R&D, NGS Applications Development, QIAGEN

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