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Biofluids miRNA Sequencing Service

Get the best miRNA sequencing results from your biofluid samples

Profiling of miRNAs in biofluid samples holds great promise due to their potential use as minimally invasive biomarkers for various diseases. Still, a number of challenges are associated with miRNA profiling. Compared to tissues, cells or whole blood, the concentration of miRNAs in cell-free biofluids is very low, making their detection and quantification difficult. QIAGEN® Genomic Services overcomes these limitations by combining our innovative QIAseq® miRNA-seq technology with decades of technical expertise with biofluid samples. Extend your in-house resources with the expertise and high quality services you can expect from QIAGEN. Our all-in-one Biofluids

miRNA Seq Service offers the following benefits:

  • End-to-end service: we take care of every step, from sample preparation to data analysis
  • qPCR-based quality controls: locked nucleic acid (LNA) RNA spike-in controls to monitor RNA extraction efficiency, miRNA content, inhibition and hemolysis
  • Highly efficient library preparation: optimized protocols for biofluids with limited RNA content
  • Sequencing quality control: evaluating data reproducibility and linearity using a comprehensive set of 52 RNA spike-ins, spanning a wide range of concentrations
  • Ready-to-publish data: we deliver comprehensive reports and data packages, and provide guidance on the next steps

The service supports discovery and validation of new non-invasive liquid-biopsy biomarkers for a range of diseases. Biomarker discovery projects usually begin with a genome-wide screening phase, performed either by a hypothesis-free next-generation sequencing (NGS) approach or by PCR profiling. From this genome-wide screening dataset, a smaller number of relevant RNAs are identified and the discovery phase continues. Once a biomarker signature has been identified (including relevant endogenous control RNAs), it is then validated on a large number of individuals using custom PCR panels.

Partner with us for expert guidance and dedicated service – from Sample to Insight® – for profiling your samples today.

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