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The dilemma of experiment planning

Good planning is imperative to keeping research goals on track, but the task can easily overwhelm: collecting relevant information from multiple sources, considering the biological context, searching for the right research tools, over and over again.

The GeneGlobe Design and Analysis Hub streamlines the complete research cycle of target exploration, product configuration, data analysis and follow-up experiment planning – with just one tool. Watch our short intro video to discover how GeneGlobe can help you.

Scientist outlining GeneGlobe principle and functionality

The ideal research companion

Get to know GeneGlobe through our short video demo clips and then test your knowledge. See how to research genes, miRNAs and pathways, find products to analyze them, and get quick insights into your results. Take the fun quiz to win access to our collection of expertly designed signaling pathway posters and download your favorite for your office or lab.

“The advantage is that even people setting up an experiment for the first time can easily access and check various experimental methods and related products.”
Jiyeon Lee, Yonsei University College of Medicine Severance Biomedical Science Institute, Seoul, Republic of Korea
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Toshiaki Akahane
“Custom panels can be created without the need to install additional software, and it is very easy to design a custom panel without deep genomic knowledge. The integrated genome browser is very impressive and helps visualize genomic coordinates.”
Toshiaki Akahane, Kagoshima University, Japan
  • Research planning made simple
    GeneGlobe simplifies experiment planning by connecting biological knowledge on genes of interest with relevant products and tools. This demo shows how to access and utilize this information in a cancer research planning workflow. Explore pathway details, compile a list of candidate genes and create a custom NGS panel to analyze these genes.

    Applies to any research area, so check it out!
  • Tailor-made PCR plates
    Looking for a simple way to tailor a plate of PCR assays to your research questions? Our intuitive PCR custom builders make it easy to create and order exactly the products you need. Check out this short video showing how to create a Custom RT2 PCR Array, or visit GeneGlobe to see all of the PCR builders.
  • Your NGS panel, your targets

    Focus your sequencing efforts on the targets important to you. We make it easy to create your own custom NGS panel with the highest possible coverage, configured to your sequencing platform and throughput. Watch our short demo on creating a custom QIAseq Targeted DNA Panel, or visit GeneGlobe to access the full custom builder collection.

  • Focused functional tools

    Are you looking to elucidate the functions and interactions for your new targets of interest? Our custom builders will help you create just the right tools to help you fill in these knowledge gaps. Watch our short demo showing how to create a custom miRCURY LNA miRNA Inhibitor, or visit GeneGlobe to see all of our builders.

  • Quick qPCR insights

    The GeneGlobe Data Analysis Center includes embedded qPCR analysis tools for data obtained using QIAGEN kits. Easily transform threshold cycle (CT) values to calculated results for gene and miRNA expression, somatic mutation detection and copy number measurements. Watch the RT2 Profiler PCR Array video for a quick demo, or visit the data analysis center to access all of the modules.

  • Straightforward NGS analysis

    The GeneGlobe Data Analysis Center includes embedded modules analyzing for NGS data from QIAGEN kits. Upload your read files for analysis and get a summary of sequencing metrics, detected variants, coverage based on UMIs and other output files. Watch the short demo video for QIAseq Targeted DNA Panels, or visit the data analysis center to access all of the modules.

  • Laboratory
    Research planning made simple
  • Technical instruction
    Tailor-made PCR plates
  • QIAseq Targeted DNA Custom Panels
    Your NGS panel, your targets
  • Custom miRCURY
    Focused functional tools
  • Analyze
    Quick qPCR insights
  • The GeneGlobe Data Analysis Center
    Straightforward NGS analysis