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New version release – improved user-friendliness and additional features


QIAlink is middleware software that is intended to provide bidirectional connectivity between a LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) and QIAsymphony RGQ MDx, which consists of QIAsymphony SP/AS with QIAsymphony Management Console (QMC) and Rotor-Gene Q MDx with Rotor-Gene AssayManager.
QIAlink, RGQ Support Agreement

Cat. No. / ID:  9243820

Annual support fee for Rotor-Gene Q connection, including software updates
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QIAlink, Standard Implementation

Cat. No. / ID:  9243515

Standard package for QIAsymphony and Rotor-Gene Q connection, including QIAlink software license, assessment of laboratory infrastructure, alignment with LIMS provider for implementation of QIAlink interface in LIMS, on-site installation, configuration, post-installation testing, and user training
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QIAlink, Support Agreement

Cat. No. / ID:  9243521

Annual support fee for QIAsymphony and Rotor-Gene Q connection, including software updates
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  • Automated data transfer from LIMS to QIAsymphony SP/AS
  • Automated transfer of results from Rotor-Gene AssayManager to LIMS
  • Reduced time and effort for checking results
  • Complete traceability of all sample-related data

Product Details

QIAlink Software automates data transfer between QIAsymphony RGQ MDx and LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System), improving the efficiency and productivity of your laboratory workflow.


Improvements with QIAlink Software version 2.0 include:

  • Overview of non-processed samples
  • Support package for facilitating support
  • Customized back-up schedule activation for routing back-up data to a network folder of user's choice
  • Improved customized LIMS export functions
  • All software parts merged into one interface, simplifying everyday use
  • Support of 21 CFR Part 11 compliance


Laboratory workflows may include many steps, which are often performed on different instruments. If data flow between the instruments and LIMS is not fully integrated, the data has to be manually transferred, which is time-consuming, error-prone, and costly.
QIAlink Software, which runs in the background, automates data transfer between QIAsymphony RGQ MDx and LIMS, enabling an efficient automated workflow, from sample to result.
QIAlink Software enables:
  • Connection to any LIMS via standardized HL7 interface, where HL7 v2.5 is now supported
  • Connection of QIAsymphony SP/AS instruments to LIMS
  • Automated rack file transfer from QIAsymphony SP to AS
  • Result export from Rotor-Gene AssayManager to LIMS
  • Complete traceability of process data
  • Tracking of pending assay orders


Increased flexibility with connection to any LIMS
QIAlink Software facilitates a connection between LIMS and QIAsymphony SP/AS instruments and between LIMS and Rotor-Gene Q MDx with Rotor-Gene AssayManager. The standardized HL7 interface makes QIAlink Software compatible with any LIMS, providing increased flexibility. This interface can be easily implemented by your LIMS provider using the specifications provided by QIAGEN.
Efficient data transfer streamlines your workflow
After receiving a test order from LIMS, QIAlink Software generates work lists for the QIAsymphony SP. QIAsymphony parameters are automatically assigned to the samples and manual parameter assignment is no longer required, enabling a streamlined workflow. To further improve workflow efficiency, rack files are automatically transferred from QIAsymphony SP to QIAsymphony AS instruments, facilitating transfer of the eluate plate from the QIAsymphony SP to QIAsymphony AS.
Simple export of results to LIMS
After release of results in Rotor-Gene AssayManager, a LIMS output file is exported to QIAlink Software. QIAlink Software then automatically transfers the results from the LIMS output file to LIMS. Automated result export reduces the time and effort required for checking results and helps to eliminate human error.
Traceability of process data
Sample-related process data are securely archived within an SQL Server Express database. Extensive search functions enable fast and easy retrieval of archived result files and support your quality control procedures.
Tracking of pending assay orders
QIAlink displays and prints and overview of pending assay orders, helping you to keep track of all orders.
Fast startup with full installation service
QIAGEN analyzes your lab infrastructure and works closely with your LIMS provider to ensure seamless integration of QIAlink Software into your laboratory workflow. QIAlink Software is installed at your site by a highly qualified QIAGEN Field Service Specialist who will configure the software and extensively test it. Your lab personnel will be fully trained on operation of the integrated system.


QIAlink enables automated data transfer between QIAsymphony RGQ MDx and LIMS.

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For use with QIAlink version 2.0.2
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What are the software requirements to run the QIAlink software package?

The computer system running the QIAlink software package must fulfill these minimum requirements:

Operating system: Microsoft® Windows® XP 32-bit or Microsoft Windows 7 32-bit

Browser: Internet Explorer® 8

Processor: 600 MHz or higher, Pentium® III or higher

Main memory: Minimum 512 MB

Hard disk space: Minimum 30 GB

Ports: Ethernet adapter

Detailed information concerning installation procedure can be found in the QIAlink Software User and service Manuals
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