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What’s new from QIAGEN?

Daily breakthroughs in life science research are happening worldwide and especially in cancer research, many milestones have been reached in the past decades. To contribute to this success, we are happy to support life science research and specifically cancer research by making improvements in life possible — day by day. So, we are delighted to share our latest launched products to help drive all your research to breakthroughs.
QIAseq® Targeted cfDNA Ultra

QIAseq® Targeted cfDNA Ultra

Gain precise detection of ultra-rare cell-free DNA (cfDNA) variants in a single-day sample-to-sequencing workflow with minimal cfDNA input.

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QIAcuity Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) dPCR Assays

Enabling viral titer measurements with speed, accuracy and reproducibility on the QIAcuity Digital PCR System in a multiplex setup that allows ten different wet-lab validated dPCR CGT assays, including several fluorophore choices.
Q-Rex Software Update for QIAquant

Q-Rex Software Update for QIAquant®

We further improved the operation of QIAquant instruments with the Q-Rex Software Update. The Q-Rex operating and analysis software provides a suite of unique features to facilitate intuitive setup and fast analysis of qPCR experiments on the QIAquant PCR cycler. With this, the software supports all current state-of-the-art real-time analysis procedures.
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