Bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasitic metazoans are ubiquitous in the environment and are part of all aspects of human life. This makes the detection and monitoring of microbes important to understand their biological functions. To get the most out of microbiome samples, their preparation and analysis requires optimal workflows and efficient sequencing technologies. This webinar series over five days helps you get to the bottom of your microbiome sample with insightful background knowledge and useful tips and tricks.

Day 4: Identifying microbial communities with whole genome metagenomics

Shedding light on microbial communities: Novel NGS solutions for taxonomic profiling

Some uncultured microbes influence our human bodies in still to us unknown ways. In this webinar, we will explore next generation sequencing and microbial profiling to infiltrate the metagenome and identify microbial communities in complex human samples.

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About the speaker
Dylan Barbera, Global Product Manager, UNGS Genotyping
Dylan Barbera received his bachelor's in biochemistry and molecular biology with a minor in microbiology from Pennsylvania State University. He received his Masters of Science from Mount St. Mary's University in biotechnology and management. Dylan began his career in NGS in 2015 and joined QIAGEN in 2016 as a Quality Control Scientist. He currently serves as Global Product Manager for QIAGEN's microbiology and whole genome sequencing NGS product portfolio.
Date of recording:Thursday, 30 June 2022
Duration:33 minutes