LNA Tools for RNA and miRNA Localization Studies

Our miRCURY LNA Detection Probes are designed with optimal LNA positioning to achieve high sequence specificity, low secondary structure and minimal self-annealing. This gives you superior binding affinity and very specific and sensitive detection, with an exceptionally high signal-to-noise ratio. The melting temperatures (Tm) of the probe:target duplexes are normalized around 84°C and are typically in the range of 82–86°C, enabling robust protocols that support automated analyses. A wide selection of available labels enables multiplexing and co-localization.

For miRNA detection, we offer predesigned miRCURY LNA miRNA Detection Probes, available for all miRNA species. If you are targeting novel miRNA sequences not in miRbase, you can design your own Custom miRCURY LNA miRNA Detection Probes using our convenient online design tools. Or, for detection of mRNA and lncRNA, you can create your own Custom LNA mRNA Detection Probes. The probes are short, making them ideal for specific detection and differentiation of splice variants, isoforms and small mutations.
We offer a complete ISH solution for miRNA ISH in FFPE samples including buffers and the One-Day ISH protocol optimized specifically for the LNA-enhanced miRNA detection probes. The One-Day miRNA FFPE ISH Protocol included in the kit handbook is non-toxic and robust with fewer steps involved. Our scientists have eliminated several steps normally associated with ISH, such as pre-hybridization, post-fixation and acetylation, making the protocol very robust, easy to optimize and ideal for high-throughput use.