LNA Tools for RNA and miRNA Functional Analysis

Antisense LNA GapmeRs are potent antisense oligonucleotides that provide highly efficient knockdown of mRNA and lncRNA in vitro and in vivo. Our Antisense LNA GapmeR design tool evaluates thousands of possible designs against >30 different parameters to identify the optimal design for potent and specific knockdown of your target. Use the design tool to ensure excellent performance and high success rates.
miRCURY LNA miRNA Inhibitors and Power Inhibitors are LNA-enhanced, antisense miRNA inhibitors that allow you to assess cellular phenotypes in miRNA loss-of-function studies. LNA enhancement provides high potency, minimal off-target effects and long-lasting inhibition, even in difficult-to-transfect cell lines and animal models. For functional analysis of an entire miRNA family, select the Family Power Inhibitors. Or for genomewide, high-throughput screening of miRNA function, choose the miRNA Inhibitor Libraries. LNA enhancement and Tm normalization ensure highly efficient targeting, regardless of GC content.
miRCURY LNA miRNA Mimics are highly potent, mature miRNA mimics that simulate naturally occurring mature miRNAs. Their innovative design includes two short, LNA-enhanced complimentary strands that prevent any miRNA-like activity associated with the passenger strands. This ensures that the observed phenotypes result from increased activity of the mimicked miRNA.
miRCURY LNA miRNA Power Target Site Blockers are antisense oligos that bind to the miRNA target site of an mRNA, preventing miRNAs from gaining access to that site. This allows you to study the effects of an individual miRNA on a single target site. The LNA-enhanced design provides high affinity and efficiency at low concentrations, for stable and long-lasting antisense activity.