Custom LNA Fish Probes

Custom LNA Oligonucleotide FISH Probes

Although fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) has proven useful in cytogenetics, it has traditionally been a time-consuming method with limitations in sensitivity and resolution. High-affinity LNA-enhanced FISH probes offer fast, sensitive and specific detection of chromosomal DNA.

  • Design your own LNA FISH probes or let us do the design for you
  • Short hybridization time (less than 1 hour)
  • Suitable for both fixed cells and chromosome spreads
  • Multiplexing capability
  • Available with different labels
QIAGEN’s in-house LNA experts can help you design the best LNA oligonucleotide for your DNA FISH analysis. Your oligonucleotide will be designed for optimal LNA content and positioning to achieve optimal specificity and minimal secondary structure and self-complementarity. To use this service, please provide us with the details of your request (target sequence and application) in the contact form.
  • Detection probes are typically 20–25 nucleotides in length. However, shorter or longer probes can also be used.
  • Avoid stretches of 3 or more Gs or Cs.
  • Avoid stretches of more than 4 LNA bases, except when designing very short (9–10 nucleotides) oligos.
  • Avoid self-complementarity and cross-hybridization to other LNA-containing oligonucleotides. LNA will hybridize very tightly to other LNA residues.
  • Keep the GC content between 30–60%.
  • A Tm of approximately 75°C is recommended.
  • No LNA bases should be placed in palindromes (G-C base pairs are more critical than A-T base pairs).