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Pharma & Biotech

One partner for pharma, biotech and CRO/CDMOs

Whether you are part of a global pharma company, upstart biotech or dependable CRO/CDMO, you need a partner who can deliver trusted products and services that match your specific requirements.

We build partnerships with pharma, biotech and CRO/CDMOs supporting the industry to deliver cutting-edge diagnostics and therapeutics to the market.

The sector has changed dramatically, with innovations never thought possible being brought to market faster. And we understand that the development of safe and effective diagnostics and therapeutics requires significant strategy, technology and experience, all in a GMP-compliant environment.

We support pharma and biotech on their drug discovery and CDx development journey with screening, profiling, custom services and data analysis for a variety of applications, such as cell and gene therapy and cancer therapy. For molecular CDx development, we provide products and services at all stages of the CDx-development process, from biomarker discovery and clinical development to regulatory strategy and commercialization.

We also offer grants and programs to support small companies and start-ups to grow their businesses. When it comes to the complexities of drug/CDx development and biomanufacturing, pharma and biotech companies rely on CRO/CDMOs. We also build end-to-end collaborations with our CRO/CDMO partners, offering support at every level to ensure they deliver faster go-to-market solutions at lower costs.

Biotech Startup, Pharma, scientist in a lab working
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