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Strategic partnerships

A collaboration that unleashes the power of molecular biology


In biotechnology and diagnostics, products have lifecycles with many branching pathways from research & development to risk assessment, regulation, quality control, shipping and post-launch support. Whether you’re looking for innovative customization for enzymes, oligos or buffers, a bulk OEM supplier for kits and assays, outsourcing, automation, software and systems integration, reach out today to start working with a dedicated project manager and our many experts.

Customizable Products

If you can find it in our retail catalog, we offer it customizable and bulk to our commercial partners. And if you can’t find it, we can make it happen. Be it a kit, assay, oligo, instrument, software, systems integration or any of the parts, let’s discuss how it can work for you.

Gain access to top minds in your field
Whether you work for a start-up or an international conglomerate, let’s exchange ideas. You’re invited for a free 60-minute workshop, no strings attached.
Turn your commercial ideas into reality
Get an overview of the capabilities, products and advantages we offer our strategic partners.