Fascinating facts about DNA
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Working with difficult samples

How do you extract high-quality DNA from many tissue types, in different states of decomposition? Optimized methods are the solution, for every sample source.

We prepared a wide variety of tools that can help sharpen your DNA skills. Our easy-to-use resources can guide you through the fundamental steps in analyzing DNA.
DNA Bench Guide

DNA Bench Guide

Comprehensive knowledge about how to isolate and quantify high quality DNA. This guide is step-by-step.

Looking for the right gDNA purification kit?

Categorizing kits by sample source, DNA type and platform, the Selection Wheel helps you choose the right kit quickly.

The blueprint of life, simplified

DNA exists in different forms in animals, plants, bacteria and viruses. This handy poster illustrates the basics of DNA. You can use it to decorate your lab and introduce young students into the fascinating world of molecular biology.

DNA resource center - Poster
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Looking for the right extraction kit?
Check out our interactive selection wheels to find the optimal kit for your experiment:
  • DNA and RNA  in one or two elution fractions
  • Genomic DNA
Sample disruption efficiency is crucial to the DNA yields. Which methods are suitable for which sample type? How can more DNA be purified from challenging samples? Our resources explain these in an easy-to-understand way.
Explore the procedure of DNA extraction from various sample types through a variety of resources including a series of webinars, a special video and keepsake infographic poster.
Following sample disruption and DNA extraction, Quality Control (QC) is a vital element of DNA analysis procedure. Here you can explore some key resources on QC.

Remarkable and inspiring DNA stories

DNA Day (April 25) commemorates the discovery and understanding of DNA and the scientific advances that understanding has made possible. We remember the time in 1953 when James Watson, Francis Crick, Maurice Wilkins, Rosalind Franklin and colleagues published papers on the structure of DNA in the journal, Nature.

For DNA Day, we’ve gathered some remarkable stories about DNA research to share with you from all areas of science.

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