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It’s time to go Pro

Our Power Pro kits yield more nucleic acids from stool samples

Imagine quickly moving from DNA to RNA samples while obtaining high yields and high-quality eluates from your isolation. Our new Pro kits for stool samples let you do exactly this. Proven lysis chemistry, streamlined inhibitor removal technology (IRT) and PowerBead Pro Tubes are among the technologies that allow enhanced performance for your nucleic acid purification from stool samples. Our Pro kits are designed by professionals for professionals–that’s you! So come and join the Pros and really make the most of your samples.

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It’s time to go Pro
Learn how our Pro kits can enhance your nucleic acid purification from stool samples.
We understand the challenges of your metatranscriptomics workflow. Very sensitive laboratory methods are especially important for heterogenous stool samples, so our experts have designed our Pro kits accordingly. If you liked the Power Pro DNA extraction line, you will love the RNA version! Now, you can isolate high quality RNA without worrying about the risk of degradation. For a complete solution, check out our stabilization + purification workflow. Click to request your trial kit.

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