This webinar will describe deployment of the QIAseq FX Library Prep kit on the epMotion 5075 TMX system for high-throughput preparation of Illumina-compatible shotgun metagenomics sequencing libraries. We will:

- Compare QIAseq FX to other library preparation technologies
- Describe adaptation of QIAseq FX protocol to the epMotion 5075 system
- Validate QIAseq FX-generated data against other metagenomics techniques including 16S
- Illustrate a case study of metagenomic signatures of fatty liver disease using QIAseq FX-generated data

About the speaker
Fan Li, PhD, Sr. Statistician, Aldrovandi Lab, UCLA & Sara Zabih, MS, Staff Research Associate III, Aldrovandi Lab
Date of recording:Tuesday, 23 April 2019
Duration:45 minutes
Biomedical Research
Core Diagnostics Lab/General Lab
Next Generation Sequencing
Cancer Research
Liquid Biopsy
Molecular Biology Research