In this presentation, Dr. Ina Scheuerpflug will share her expertise on the critical steps and factors you need to know for efficient and precise gene expression studies using real-time PCR technology. Ina will conclude with a discussion of the NEW QIAGEN solutions for real-time PCR, the QIAquant Instruments.

In this webinar, Ina will cover:

  • Introduction to gene expression analysis;
  • Critical steps for real-time PCR analysis;
  • Improved methods for cDNA synthesis;
  • Real-time PCR essentials:
    • PCR kinetic and CT/Cq = threshold cycle
    • Absolute and relative quantification methods
    • Endogenous reference genes
    • Factors influencing PCR specificity
    • Different amplicon detection methods
    • Fluorescent dyes – the principle
  • NEW Real-Time PCR solutions from QIAGEN.
About the speaker
Ina Scheuerpflug Ph.D,
Date of recording:Wednesday, 26 August 2020
Duration:1 hour
Infectious Disease