QIAGEN has enhanced its mRNA/lncRNA profiling assays and panels with LNA technology and optimized with QuantiNova chemistry to create a comprehensive new portfolio for highly sensitive and specific gene expression analysis. These two new PCR systems offer the choice of SYBR® Green or hydrolysis probe-based detection and provide the broadest coverage of predesigned human, mouse and rat assays and panels. For specialized applications, researchers can easily create custom assays and panels online in GeneGlobe. In this webinar, we will discuss the principles behind the design and high performance of these new LNA-enhanced assays and show how they are setting a new standard in mRNA/lncRNA qPCR expression analysis.
About the speaker
Marie-Louise Lunn, Associate Director in Global Product Management
Date of recording:Wednesday, 15 July 2020
Duration:35 minutes
Academic Basic Research