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Accelerate your innovation

Your OEM solutions partner

OEM by QIAGEN puts components from the vast QIAGEN product range at your disposal, including enzymes, oligonucleotides, buffers, master mixes, DNA/RNA extraction technologies and more. We are committed to developing tailored solutions quickly with full confidentiality and flexibility that may surprise you. From a specific solution to an entire workflow – we offer our expertise as a trusted partner to help you ensure that you get to the market first. You can be sure of excellent QA/QC procedures and compliance every step of the way. If you are working on a breakthrough product and require comprehensive solutions from prototype to manufacturing, packaging and labeling, you should get to know OEM by QIAGEN.

Get to know OEM by QIAGEN at AGBT

Get to know OEM by QIAGEN at AGBT in Marco Island, Florida this February.

Specialists from OEM by QIAGEN will be available at AGBT to discuss how customized OEM solutions can support the acceleration of your advances in genomics and speed your time to market.

On Monday, February 24, from 1.30 p.m. to 3.00 p.m., we will conduct a “Walk-in” session, so please drop by to discuss your OEM needs, or send us an email to arrange a meeting with our experts.

Confidentiality and trust

Your confidentiality is our top priority; even within QIAGEN, the OEM group shares information only on a need-to-know basis. Make the most of an effective alternative to in-house development and manufacturing by trusting that OEM by QIAGEN can help you make the right “make or buy” decisions for your assay development. Contact us to discuss your needs and build a trusted partnership for years to come.

Confidentiality and trust
OEM by QIAGEN Quality at scale

Quality at scale

Scalability without compromise on quality, from prototype to manufacturing, we provide you with high-quality OEM solutions at scale. You can be sure of outstanding quality control processes. With our ISO and GMP certified manufacturing facilities and offices located all over the world, we offer global support and commercial excellence.

Innovation combined with expertise

At QIAGEN, we know kits. OEM by QIAGEN brings this expertise to you. Partner with QIAGEN to accelerate development, ensure regulatory compliance and high quality while creating breakthrough products from Sample to Insight.

Innovation combined with expertise
Portfolio breadth

Portfolio breadth

Our expansive high quality product capabilities are at hand to improve your time to market with reduced investments. Spin columns, enzymes, oligonucleotides, buffers, instruments and much more are available as OEM solutions from QIAGEN, a market leader in its field. We can deliver individual components or produce entire workflows for you as a Contract Manufacturing Organisation (CMO) – you have the choice.

What is unique about OEM by QIAGEN?

OEM by QIAGEN offers access to QIAGEN technologies, products and related capabilities not supported by the QIAGEN direct sales team. We offer modified and re branded components or complete workflows and kits according to your specifications. Kit reagents and components, custom fills or other bulk formats, lyophilization, including a patent and licensing check. We offer customized manufacturing and packaging to match your brand, with global support for direct shipment. You will be guided step by step by our experienced project management team and regional sales team in making the right “make or buy” decision, to ensure your innovation materializes into a market ready product. Accelerate your innovation and time to market with OEM by QIAGEN.

What are the criteria for an OEM business?

There are two major criteria: Rebrand and customize. We cater to B2B businesses (i.e., IVD manufacturing companies) who produce and sell their own branded products and are interested in incorporating QIAGEN technologies seamlessly into their brand, or selling a QIAGEN product as part of their IVD assay workflow. Off-the-shelf products can be rebranded and ordered without minimum order quantity (MOQ), while customized products require MOQ depending on the complexity of the product.

Is there an extra licensing cost?

There is no added cost to purchase a license for a particular QIAGEN technology as part of OEM. All prices are quoted as a total sum based on your specifications. Nonetheless, prices are negotiable on a case to case basis.

Can we request samples?

OEM by QIAGEN can offer samples once the definition of customer specifications is clear and production feasibility has been verified. A non disclosure agreement or mutual confidentiality agreement will be signed prior to sampling to ensure trade secrets are protected between the parties. Our recommendation for sampling is to start with off-the-shelf and OEM ready products. Sampling of customized products depends on the product type.

Does OEM by QIAGEN provide lyophilization services for its master mixes and enzymes?

We offer an extensive range of lyo-ready or glycerol-free master mixes and enzymes. Contact us for more information about our lyophilization capabilities.

What is the expected lead time for OEM products?

Lead times depend on product complexity. Off-the-shelf products are available with shorter lead times compared to customized products. Our oligonucleotides are also available in a fast track production mode for low volume, non IVD quality oligonucleotides.

How long are your products supported post-launch?

Post-product launch support will continue as long as we are manufacturing the product or as defined by the contract.

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