Next-generation sequencing

Reveal epigenetic mechanisms in difficult samples

There’s more to the story than DNA sequence

The genetic sequence alone does not represent the full picture of gene expression or cellular function. Epigenetic mechanisms, including DNA methylation, can influence gene activity without changing the DNA sequence. DNA methylation is a stable, heritable, covalent modification to DNA, occurring mainly at CpG dinucleotides, but is also found at non-CpG sites. Methylation is associated with normal developmental processes, as well as the changes that are observable during oncogenesis and other pathological processes, such as gene silencing of tumor suppressor or DNA repair genes. Interrogating DNA methylation degree can be challenging in FFPE and liquid biopsy samples, amplifying the need for robust, reliable solutions that work with low-input samples. QIAGEN’s Sample to Insight solutions for epigenetics applications address these challenges to deliver reliable data and powerful insights.

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Targeted methylation sequencing

Fastest workflow with the lowest sample input for methylation analysis
  • High performance from tissue, FFPE and liquid biopsy samples with just 1–10 ng of DNA input
  • Go from DNA to data analysis in one day
  • Integrated analysis workflows for the non-bioinformatics researcher
  • Flexibility to customize or fully design panels to your project
Automate and accelerate your library prep
How can automating your NGS library prep benefit your lab?
Are you seeing a true variant or a false positive?

Each bisulfite-treated DNA molecule is tagged with a unique molecular index (UMI) before amplification. During analysis, PCR duplicates and false positives are removed to give an accurate methylation profile.

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Can you cover every region, even regions with high GC-content?

QIAseq Enrichment Technology uses only one specific primer plus a universal primer for each amplicon, compared to the traditional 2-primer approach.

This means:

  • Lower risk of primer dimers and dropouts
  • Higher uniformity
  • Higher library complexity
  • Only a single pool of primers required

Scaling up your targeted panel content? SPE doesn’t require a primer redesign!

From gDNA to methylome insights in one tube and one day
  • Save precious samples: Low-input volume requirement safeguards limited samples
  • Save time: Go from genomic DNA to NGS library in a day using the single-tube protocol
  • Trust results: Highly specific and uniform bisulfite treatment to convert unmethylated cytosines to uracil
  • Integrated data analysis: Pre-made and customizable bioinformatics workflows for every researcher
Explore our QIAseq Targeted Methyl and Custom Panels.

Our Illumina-compatible panels include:

  • Human Breast Cancer Panel
  • Human Colorectal Cancer Panel
  • Immuno-Oncology Panel
  • Human T-cell Infiltration Panel
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