Liquid Biopsy Workflow

Like you, we believe liquid biopsy has huge potential. However, getting meaningful insights from analytes in biofluids can be difficult.
To help you navigate your way from sample collection to data interpretation, we have designed a step-by-step guide for your entire workflow.

Paving the way for liquid biopsy
Blood draw, QFT, QuantiFERON QFT-Plus
How you collect and preserve your biofluid samples will impact the final result.
Avoid variation in quality and integrity using our robust PAXgene Blood ccfDNA Tubes - designed to reliably stabilize both analyte and cell integrity without negatively impacting your sensitive downstream assays.

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Extracting analytes from liquid biopsy sample can be challenging due to low analyte abundance, a high level of background and risk of degradation.
Using over 30 years’ experience in sample preparation, we have created a wide selection of specialized automated and manual tools to enrich and extract circulating cell-free DNA (ccfDNA), circulating tumor cells (CTCs), exosomes, cell-free miRNA or multianalyte from the most important biofluids.
Sample preparation

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Choosing the best platform to analyze your samples requires careful consideration.
If you are interested in capturing all sequences and finding new targets, we have a broad selection of NGS solutions for you to explore.
For interrogating known targets and confirming NGS results, we provide highly sensitive and specific qPCR technologies.
Female scientist, PCR, NGS

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Data analysis
Finding differentially expressed genes in a vast number of mutations can be overwhelming. Overcome this, using our CLC Genomics Workbench - a powerful solution to analyze and visualize your NGS data. By combining cutting-edge technology and accelerated algorithms, you get a comprehensive set of NGS data analysis applications.

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Turning your data into biologically relevant insights requires advanced bioinformatics tools.
Discover a comprehensive, user-friendly platform for interpreting your ‘omics data with Ingenuity Pathway Analysis.
Liquid biopsy data interpretation

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