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Circulating tumor cells and what they can tell you

You’re faced with a dilemma: There’s a tumor that’s too difficult to reach by surgical biopsy. How can you check if it’s progressing or responding to an intervention? Circulating tumor cells (CTCs), which are cells that break away from a primary tumor and travel through the bloodstream, could give you the answer.

CTCs act as seeds of metastasis when shed into the blood by a tumor. Since CTCs mimic the properties of a tumor they can also serve as biomarkers. These biomarkers can give you vital clues about the specifics of a cancer, such as:

  • Status
  • Origin
  • Progression
  • Response to intervention

Detecting and profiling CTCs can be challenging as they are rare and diverse. You have to contend with issues such as contamination. Sensitivity and specificity are also key considerations for reliable detection and molecular characterization of CTCs.

So how do you confidently detect and characterize CTCs?

All you need is a blood sample and to follow three key steps to standardize your workflow from preanalytics to analytics

Multianalyte Liquid biopsy
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    CTCs, cell-free DNA, extracellular vesicles – what can you learn when analyzing all of these together? To answer this, we’ve asked Dr Siegfried Hauch, Director of CTC R&D at QIAGEN, to give a webinar. You’ll learn how to use a single workflow to get the complete genomic and transcriptomic profile of a cancer using only one sample. Ready to see the full picture?
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    Finding and profiling CTCs can be challenging because they are rare and diverse. In this webinar, Dr Siegfried Hauch (Director of CTC R&D at QIAGEN) will introduce the AdnaTest Kit. You’ll learn how to specifically capture CTCs, remove contamination and characterize CTCs at the molecular level using one simple workflow. Ready to get started?
  • Discover the power of CTCs
    Studying CTCs at the molecular level can give vital clues about the biology of a tumor. We’ve asked Constanze Kindler, our liquid biopsy product expert at QIAGEN, to give a talk on the basic biology of CTCs, common challenges and what molecular biology tools are available to study them. Ready to learn more?
  • Meet the AdnaTest
    We’re committed to fighting cancer through our dedicated AdnaTest products. Watch the webinar from Constanza Kindle, our product expert, to learn how to detect the prostate cancer marker AR-V7 and lung cancer splice variants using AdnaTest. Ready to get reliable cancer profiles using only 5 ml of blood?
  • CTCs in multimodal liquid biopsy
  • CTC challenges and solutions
  • Discover the power of CTCs
  • Meet the AdnaTest
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