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Liquid biopsy research is making big strides using stable, extracellular miRNAs in serum and plasma. With the rapid development of highly sensitive and affordable technologies to study these circulating biomarkers, liquid biopsy research is quickly becoming a central part of many biomedical research projects. Taking advantage of miRNA expression analysis as a non-invasive biomarker for a range of diseases requires standardization of techniques and accurate evaluation of the resulting data to ensure success. Our miRNA resources below can help advance your research.

QIAGEN has the most comprehensive product portfolio for miRNA profiling from liquid biopsy, starting from sample collection and stabilization PAXgene products through miRNA discovery by next generation sequencing using QIAseq miRNA library kits. The workflow pushes microRNA verification to new heights with the miRCURY LNA PCR system , which delivers superior specificity and sensitivity for accurate and robust detection of your miRNA of interest from liquid biopsies. Discover more using next-generation sequencing and profile down to 1 miRNA copy in with either digital PCR and qPCR technologies.
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