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Whether you’re a lower-throughput, highly specialized lab or a high-throughput facility processing reference samples, we understand your need for dedicated products and protocols for forensic DNA profiling. To help you achieve your unique goals, QIAGEN offers optimized workflows and quality forensics products for every type of human identity and forensic testing need. Our product portfolio features the latest advancements in forensics technology, including a full range of forensic DNA-grade chemistries, combined with reliable sample collection devices for safe collection, transport and storage. In addition, our high-quality instruments provide effortless automation and address the diverse needs and challenges of crime scene investigation and human identification, covering every step from crime scene to courtroom. QIAGEN has also actively supported the development of global forensic standards to improve accuracy and support criminal justice and missing persons identification. QIAGEN’s top-quality, efficient solutions, innovative bioinformatics tools and comprehensive validation services can help you unlock valuable molecular insights. Trust your case to QIAGEN. 

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Sample collection made easy

Hassel-free sample collection with easy storage and transport is necessary for accurate genetic testing.

Watch this video to see our EasiCollectPlus solutions do just that.

Ensure reliable results from the start

Reproducible and easy sample collection of cellular material from saliva, buccal cells, blood and other biological material is of paramount importance for your downstream DNA analysis. Our human ID and forensic sample collection products have longer storage data (for FTA paper-based products) than any other product. With their long history of use in human identity testing, you can have maximum confidence in your results.

Easi Collect Plus Qiagen
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Easy-to-use sample collection devices ensure high database success rates

Sample collection by law enforcement officers needs to be simple and effective to avoid submission of poor-quality samples. In this application note, we describe a workflow that represents an effective and scalable high-throughput solution for DNA databasing in human identification and forensics.

Discover why QIAGEN is a world leader in sample prep for forensic labs

Find our full range of products for high-quality sample preparation that enable purification of PCR-ready DNA from a diverse range of samples and matrices.

Trusted DNA quantification results, even from difficult samples

Quantification of the human DNA in a sample helps forensic testing facilities to generate DNA profiles successfully. It confirms that the sample contains sufficient human DNA for further testing, establishes whether it contains inhibitors and predicts the success of your STR analyses. QIAGEN's quantification assays give you sensitivity, speed and accuracy in this crucial step of human identity and forensic testing.

Samples evidence
Quantiplex Pro product image
Rapid, reliable quantification of total human and male DNA

Quantification of your samples prior to downstream STR typing confirms that sufficient DNA is present for further testing, indicates whether it contains inhibitors, and predicts the success of your STR analyses. The newly developed Investigator Quantiplex Pro RGQ Kit provides reliable information on the degradation status of both male and human DNA using quantitative real-time PCR. 

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Comprehensive and versatile STR technology

Discover our portfolio of high-quality assays for human identification, with versatile coverage of current international STR standards, including the European Standard set (ESS), the Combined DNA Index system (CODIS) and other non-standard and unique gonosomal loci. Plus, explore our dedicated products and solutions for direct amplification of high-quality reference samples from buccal cells or blood on FTA paper or swabs.

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HID Investigator 24plex
Investigator assays provide optimized STR chemistry

The basis of any paternity test is a full STR profile. The Investigator 26plex QS Kit is QIAGEN’s most discriminating STR marker set, and provides convenient paternity testing with the highest mean exclusion chance due to the choice of markers. You can use this assay for direct amplification from reference samples or amplification from purified DNA — it is optimized for both, without any compromise.

Always have confidence in your evidence

When preparing for court, you need to have the utmost confidence in the evidence you are providing for a case. That’s why we’ve developed the Investigator Quality Sensor, a novel internal performance control for STR assays. Learn how the Quality Sensor can provide information on PCR amplification efficiency and help you get better outcomes.

HID Investigator QS
Voices of forensics
Amy Leigh Whittaker
„One of the QIAGEN products I use is the Investigator Argus X-12 QS Kit. [A] nice aspect of this kit is the quality measures it includes such as the Quality Sensor, helpful in monitoring PCR success, and an autosomal marker to facilitate alignment to autosomal STR profiles.”
Amy-Leigh Whittaker, a graduate student in the Department of Pathology, University of Cape Town. Learn more about Amy-Leigh’s work.
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Automate your workflows for maximum efficiency and throughput

Automated workflows provide high process safety, consistent quality and precision and reduce hands-on time, leaving you free to take on other tasks. Automation can be a beneficial solution not only for facilities that process large numbers of samples every day, but also smaller labs with only a handful of samples a week. Whatever your automation needs, QIAGEN has a solution for you. Discover how our range of easy-to-use instruments can help automate your workflow.

EZ2 Connect in a lab
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Tailored NGS solutions for every HID case

Traditional STR profiling doesn’t enable a match with a suspect or database when working with complex cases like disaster victim identification and crime intelligence. Discover how our QIAseq and QIAGEN–Verogen solutions overcome the current challenges in HID workflow and offer end-to-end support that can fundamentally change the impact of DNA testing on forensic casework.

A new NGS workflow allows identification of missing persons

More than 900 victims of the 2004 Thailand tsunami have been identified through the work of the International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP). Among them are Linda, her father and her daughter Mira – finally giving Linda’s mother Ingrid Gunmundsson the closure she was looking for.

QIAGEN-Verogen partnership
One QIAGEN–Verogen workflow. Infinite possibilities

Although DNA profiling has revolutionized forensic science, what happens when a direct match isn't available – how can you move your investigation forward? Our comprehensive QIAGEN–Verogen workflow offers you infinite NGS-based capabilities, empowering you with tools to advance your routine and complex casework.

Increase confidence in paternity calling with UMI-based QIAseq targeted sequencing 

Prenatal genetic testing using invasive methods has an associated risk of miscarriage and infection. Non-invasive methods involve the safer approach of sampling maternal blood for circulating fetal cell free DNA (cfDNA). This new application refines the SNP/cfDNA strategy further by using much smaller numbers of SNPs and barcoding them with Unique Molecular Indices (UMIs) as part of a QIAseq targeted sequencing panel, bringing significantly greater accuracy to the final sequencing data.

liquid biopsy
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