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Human identification and forensics


Solutions for even your most challenging samples

Casework samples – whether from sexual assault cases, kinship testing, disaster victim ID or other scenarios – are difficult to work with. They often contain highly degraded DNA, high inhibitor contents or mixed DNA from multiple individuals. To help forensic labs overcome these challenges, we've developed dedicated products and protocols, including robust instrumentation for sample preparation and a complete analytical assay portfolio, that are optimized for compromised DNA. In addition, QIAGEN scientists and technical support specialists are ready to help you prepare for even the most sensitive and challenging applications.

We are happy with the Quantiplex Pro kit- it has performed in casework as it performed in the validation. It yields reliable quantitation values that result in consistent DNA profiles downstream.
Lorraine Heath, B.Sc., M. Phil, ABC-MB DNA Technical Leader, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department

Tailored solutions for challenging applications

Enabling justice and closure

Sexual assault victims often do not get necessary closure due to a lack of informative and conclusive results from challenging DNA evidence. Learn how QIAGEN is partnering with forensic scientists worldwide and enabling justice by streamlining sexual assault sample analysis.

From crime scene to courtroom​
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Helping families find closure

Missing persons projects require specialized technology for both the recovery of DNA from compromised samples and the analysis of degraded DNA. QIAGEN has a long history of involvement in these projects and offers a wide array of technology that is particularly suited to provide reliable support to workers in the field and in the laboratory.

Partnership with a purpose

QIAGEN and NCMEC collaborate to raise awareness on the impact DNA testing can have on missing and exploited children cases.

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Return lost ones to their loved ones

Overcome the challenges of limited and degraded DNA samples in missing persons cases with the QIAGEN bone processing workflow. Make the right decisions and bring closure closer.

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Building a large-scale missing persons ID panel

In this webinar, learn about a SNP-based forensic identification panel using MPS. The panel was specifically designed for identifying missing persons, where DNA is highly degraded and relationship testing must rely on deficient pedigrees.

Ready to design your own NGS panel for a human ID application?
Use our custom builder to design a sequencing panel targeting your regions of interest in just a few clicks.
DNA methylation – leading into the future of forensic casework analysis

Recent research efforts have led to the development of new assays for tissue ID and age estimation based on DNA methylation. Discover our PyroMark Q48 series of tools for examining DNA methylation status using Pyrosequencing technology.   

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A complete workflow for Pyrosequencing in human ID

Pyrosequencing can provide additional intelligence for your criminal investigations, such as age determination of the suspect or tissue ID of the crime stain. Learn how our full Sample to Insight workflow for DNA profiling with Pyrosequencing delivers greater knowledge from forensic samples to inform investigations and create new leads.

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Achieve success with bone samples

Anthropology researchers are faced with the challenge of purifying DNA from bones and teeth and creating profiles of potentially degraded DNA. We understand your specialized needs and have developed optimized tools to handle these unique sample materials, including the EZ1 Advanced XL Instrument. EZ1 has dedicated protocols for the purification of DNA from bulk samples of ground bones and teeth. Plus, we offer pre- and post-PCR cleanup kits to maximize the potential of a sample, as well as specialized DNA profiling kits, such as the Investigator 24plex QS Kit and DIPplex Kit, for degraded DNA samples.

EZ1 Advanced XL

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