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Do you struggle to identify faint genetic signals against a strong background while performing sensitive applications such as copy number variation and rare target detection? Digital PCR (dPCR) overcomes typical challenges by partitioning the sample into multiple individual reactions providing unparalleled sensitivity, precision and reproducibility. However, substantial investments in training and rigorous experimental standardization may be preventing you from adopting dPCR in your lab. To realize the full potential of dPCR, you need high-quality multiplex custom assays to answer your specific biological question in the best possible way.

Don’t worry – We’ve got you covered. With our new custom dPCR and PCR assay design service, you will get expert-designed multiplex or singleplex custom assays

Our Custom dPCR and PCR Assay services will offer:
  • Highly efficient assay design process: A synergy within optimized internal design tools and highly skilled design experts with decades of experience in custom design
  • Versatile assay design offering: High-level multiplexing across any species and application, such as mutation detection, CNV, gene expression and species detection
  • Enhanced specificity and sensitivity: Assay designs based on proprietary locked nucleic acid (LNA) technology
  • Highly flexible service offering: Tailored to fit your every need. Our experts can custom design the assay for you or even go the extra mile to add an in-depth wet-lab verification service
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Want expert-designed dPCR and qPCR assay workflows at your fingertips?
Answer your specific biological question. With our service, you will get to focus on what really matters without worrying about the experimental design. Want specifics on how our approach to get you unmatched sensitivity and reproducibility? Read the service profile for custom dPCR and qPCR assay services to learn how.
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