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Cancer Research

Automated Cancer Research Technology

Explore the potential of automated cancer research technology

If you could design your ideal sample preparation instrument, what would it be like?

Here’s a guess:

  • It should be able to extract a high concentration of good quality nucleic acids from various samples.
  • It should automate a huge chunk of your workflow – reduce hands-on bench time, pipetting errors and repetitive movement injuries.
  • And definitely, it should be easy to use.
We think we have something you’ll like.

FFPE samples

FFPE samples hold valuable cancer biomarker information – but they are precious and hard to work with.

Now you have the tools to conquer these challenges:

Get the most from your FFPE samples while making your work truly easy with the EZ2 Connect system. See it in action at the EZ2 Connect virtual demo.

Liquid biopsy

So far, automated methods that can isolate cfDNA from large volumes of serum and plasma have required manual steps resulting in a broken workflow.

That’s why we developed a system to enable you to build easier cfDNA workflows. Starting with sample processing.

  • Automated cfDNA purification from up to 8 ml of plasma or serum
  • Prefilled cartridges to ensure standardization and reduce human error
  • Magnetic bead-based cfDNA extraction
  • Maximum run time for 8 ml input of 70 minutes
Don’t take our word for it.
The best way to know if EZ2 Connect is right for you is to try it out yourself. Fill out the demo request to apply for a no-obligation on-site demo.
Nucleic acids from liquid biopsy or FFPE samples – QIAGEN scientists share their technology expertise

Nucleic acids from liquid biopsy or FFPE samples – QIAGEN scientists share their technology expertise

Do you have questions about nucleic acid extraction or DNA extraction protocols that you can’t get answers to?

Researchers like you sent their questions to our panel of experts and got their answers during this webinar.

Could your question be one of those that were also asked and answered? Find out now, and get other tricks for liquid biopsy or FFPE sample processing as well.

Effortless, high-resolution, high-sensitivity capillary gel electrophoresis

Skip gel preparation, do high-resolution and low-concentration analyses, run over a thousand samples without changing cartridges and analyze up to 96 samples in a single run.

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Want data?

See QIAxcel Connect’s performance data on FFPE and liquid biopsy sample assessments.