Using a procurement platform? Access greater benefits!

Commitment to your success includes providing best-in-class support for efficiency from your procurement process. Why not leverage your spend management with QIAGEN?

We have a full range of eCommerce services that are designed to help reduce your costs, speed up your turnaround-times, and provide you and your researchers with easy access to our products.

Our eCommerce team will work with you to implement automated procure-to-pay processes along the entire sourcing chain. We support both Hosted Catalog and PunchOut solutions to allow shopping at QIAGEN from within your own procurement system — the convenience of a single, familiar system.

Looking for ecommerce support?

Comprehensive support

You gain from our wide selection of electronic transaction types, including Purchase Order, Purchase Order Acknowledgement, Invoice, and Advance Shipping Notification.

We support all major eProcurement providers, such as Ariba, SciQuest, Science Warehouse, SAP, Oracle, Perfect Commerce, ccHubwoo, and many others. We are ready for your full integration, even if your solution is with cXML, OCI, IDOC, or any other format — please contact us for more information.

Universal benefits

Everybody involved in the buying process benefits from establishing an eCommerce solution with QIAGEN:

  • Researcher — easy and convenient ordering and access to cutting-edge QIAGEN products and information
  • Procurement professional — better turnaround times with fewer errors and easier management of contracts
  • Finance — greater visibility of spend and efficiency from automation of the complete P2P cycle

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