Paternity cases involving blood relatives, HID
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Paternity and kinship analysis

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Direct amplification STR assays for use with collection cards or swabs are the primary solutions for routine paternity testing and kinship analysis. For more challenging samples or complex cases, a comprehensive workflow including DNA purification and amplification is recommended. However, there are still scenarios where supplementary STRs could enhance the data necessary for interpreting complex kinship patterns. That’s why QIAGEN offers a broad portfolio of preanalytical and analytical products for all types of kinship analyses. Tackle even the most difficult kinship analysis cases by combining our superior sample collection and sample preparation solutions with reliable, high-quality marker sets including autosomal and X- and Y-chromosomal STR kits.

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Find assays for even your most challenging kinship analyses

Highly discriminating STR profiles with Investigator 26plex QS Kit

The basis of any paternity test is a full STR profile. The Investigator 26plex QS Kit is QIAGEN’s most discriminating STR marker provides convenient paternity testing with the highest mean exclusion chance due to the choice of markers. You can use this assay for direct amplification from reference samples or amplification from purified DNA — it is optimized for both, without any compromise.

Investigator 26 plex qs
Paternity cases involving blood relatives, HID
Now available — the new Investigator Argus Y-28 QS Kit

Y-STR haplotype analysis is well established in resolving paternity disputes of male offspring and other types of paternal kinship testing, including historical cases. The Investigator Argus Y-28 QS Kit is designed for optimal performance and unparalleled discrimination. In particular, the inclusion of six rapidly mutating Y-STRs supports the resolution of paternal lineages and discriminates between closely related males. Obtain trusted results for challenging samples in less time.

X-chromosomal lineage tracing with Investigator Argus X-12 QS Kit

In some cases, normal autosomal STR analysis is not enough to solve a case, particularly in deficiency cases where one parent is unavailable for testing. In these instances, X-chromosome genotyping can complement the analysis of autosomal and Y-chromosome markers very efficiently. The Investigator Argus X-12 QS Kit is the only commercially available kit that allows X-chromosomal STR analysis, a powerful aid in special X-chromosomal lineage tracing.

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HID Paternity Testing
Boost your discrimination power in complex cases

Investigator HDplex is a supplementary marker set with novel, highly discriminating STR markers not found in other commercially available STR kits. When this kit is used to supplement the results obtained from a traditional STR kit, it enables unparalleled levels of discrimination for closely related individuals in highly complex kinship cases.

NGS solutions for increased discrimination in complex kinship analysis cases

Although CE-based STR analysis for DNA profiling has advanced steadily, established methods have their limits, and sometimes cannot provide the level of discrimination required, particularly in complex kinship cases. Our ForenSeq MainstAY and Kintelligence kits are designed to provide the level of discrimination required, particularly in complex kinship cases.

QIAseq Targeted
liquid biopsy
Increase confidence in paternity calling with UMI-based QIAseq targeted sequencing 

Prenatal genetic testing using invasive methods has an associated risk of miscarriage and infection. Non-invasive methods involve the safer approach of sampling maternal blood for circulating fetal cell free DNA (cfDNA). This new application refines the SNP/cfDNA strategy further by using much smaller numbers of SNPs and barcoding them with Unique Molecular Indices (UMIs) as part of a QIAseq targeted sequencing panel, bringing significantly greater accuracy to the final sequencing data.

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