Genomic Services
Genomic Services

Sanger Sequencing Service

Rely on the highest standards in Sanger sequencing

We offer a wide range of Services for Sanger sequencing to match your project needs. Our single-read service enables routine sequencing of plasmids, PCR products and siRNA expression vectors in 96-well format. QIAGEN’s verification service allows resequencing and comparison with reference sequences. For the genome editing CRISP/CAS9 technique, we also offer CRISPR/CAS verification.

  • Optional template purification with QIAGEN technology
  • Single-read service (96-well format only), verification sequencing
  • Outstanding data quality with fast delivery

Material supplied


Plasmid, purified or bacterial clones QIAGEN plasmid purification kits
PCR product, purified or unpurified QIAquick Kits

The data included in our reports for every sequence are Phred20 analysis, *.ABI and *.scf trace files and seq files in text format. Verification sequencing reports provide the following: insertions, deletions, mismatches between reference sequence and sequencing data, and alignment between reference sequence and sequencing data.

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