Spotlight on CTCs

Circulating tumor cells can be a prognostic factor, predictive for therapy response and allow better monitoring of treatments. But how can we analyze CTCs when they are present in low numbers and background leucocytes are co-isolated from blood samples?

A webinar on how to gain insights from CTCs (Constanze Kindler from QIAGEN) gives the answers.

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Gain new insights by discovering the power of CTCs

Science talk by Constanze Kindler, QIAGEN
The release of CTCs from tumors into blood is driven by the epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT) phenomenon, and their survival and metastatic capacity are correlated with a phenotype change into so-called tumor stem cells. Furthermore, molecular characterization of CTCs enables insights into drug resistance mechanisms, changes in mutational profile, and adaptive survival strategies. QIAGEN's AdnaTest can give you added insights that may help you make your next big discovery.
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