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Human identification and forensics

From crime scene to courtroom

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Due to increasing demands on time and resources, human identification and forensics labs are under constant pressure to increase the efficiency of their workflows without sacrificing quality. For over 20 years, QIAGEN has been a trusted partner and solution provider for forensics labs worldwide. We've developed a comprehensive range of solutions that provide the speed, precision and reliability you need, whether you belong to a smaller lab or a high-throughput facility. Our innovative products and services can support you through every step of the human identification pipeline. In addition, we seek to push the field of forensics forward by supporting forensic scientists like you through every stage of your career with our Investigator Community endeavors. Let QIAGEN by your partner from crime scene to courtroom.
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QIAGEN can help your forensic lab standardize sample processing and forensic testing, allowing you to achieve consistent, high-quality results – from Sample to Insight. Get more accurate information faster, whether you’re a smaller lab with limited resources or a high-throughput facility. Discover our full range of human identification and forensic testing products now.

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Hassel-free sample collection with easy storage and transport is necessary for accurate genetic testing.

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QIAGEN is committed to advancing the science of human identification and forensics by supporting the members of this tight-knit community. To do this, we recognize the contributions of passionate scientists in our Investigator Blog, bring the global community together in our Investigator Forums and amplify the impact of young researchers with our Young Investigator Awards.

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We are happy with the Quantiplex Pro kit- it has performed in casework as it performed in the validation. It yields reliable quantitation values that result in consistent DNA profiles downstream.
Lorraine Heath, B.Sc., M. Phil, ABC-MB DNA Technical Leader, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department
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