Large-Scale Plasmid Purification — Product Overview

QIAGEN offers a wide range of products for large-scale plasmid preps
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For large-scale purification of molecular biology or transfection grade plasmid DNA, trust QIAGEN's wide range of products! Speed, superior quality, high purity, and unmatched yields are just some of the benefits that can be experienced with QIAGEN's large-scale plasmid purification products. Efficient and reliable endotoxin removal ensures success in transfection experiments. Streamlined protocols and additonal features such as reagents for visualization of optimum lysis conditions, assure maximal convenience.

No matter what your downstream application, we've got a product that best matches your needs!



View our helpful selection guide below to choose the right product for your downstream application:

Large-scale plasmid purification kits from QIAGEN
Application HiSpeed Plasmid Kits QIAGEN Plasmid/
QIAfilter Plasmid Kits
QIAGEN Large- Construct Kit CompactPrep Plasmid Kits QIAGEN Plasmid Plus Kits Endofree 
Plasmid Kits 
Ultrapure Plasmid DNA Prep. Services
  Large-scale plasmid kits
in spin-column format
(1–100 mg)
Transfection of primary/sensitive cells         X X X
Gene silencing X X X X X X X 
Microinjection X X X   X X X  X
Research on gene therapy           X X X 
Transfection of most cells* X X X   X  X X X
Demanding enzymatic modifications X X X X X X X X
Library constructions (BACs and cosmids) X X X X X X X
Transfection of robust cells* X X   X  X X X X
In vitro transcription X X   X X X X X
In vitro translation X X    X X  X X X
High-quality sequencing X X X  X  X  X X X
Cloning X  X  X  X X  X X X
Probe generation X  X X  X X X X X
High-throughput sequencing X X X X X X X X
PCR X X  X  X X  X X X
Restriction digestion X  X  X X X X X X
Transformation X X  X X  X  X X X
X: Recommended kit; X: DNA grade or kit format can be used but may not be optimal.
This table indicates minimum DNA purity requirements. Higher DNA purity may improve performance or be required for some applications.
* Transfection of sensitive cells may require a higher DNA grade.
Long reads and difficult or heterogeneous templates may require a higher DNA purity.

用于配合Ultrapure 500 Resin使用的缓冲液组合
快速纯化至多200 μg分子生物学级纯的质粒DNA
快速纯化至多750 µg分子生物学级纯的质粒或柯斯质粒DNA
从多种样本中纯化至多100 µg的高分子量DNA
QIAGEN Large-Construct Kit
纯化至多50 μg BAC、PAC和P1 DNA或至多200 μg的柯斯质粒DNA和非基因组DNA
从多种样本中纯化至多500 µg的高分子量DNA
从多种样本中纯化至多20 µg的高分子量DNA