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QIAGEN RNA-seq Grant 2021

Meet the recipients of the 2021 QIAGEN RNA-seq Grant

RNA-seq can deliver unprecedented insights in numerous research applications – from biomarker discovery and gene expression studies to metatranscriptomics and viral epidemiology. We want to help you unlock the potential of RNA-seq for your research. That’s why in 2021, we invited researchers to apply for our popular QIAGEN RNA-seq Grant. Grants comprised QIAseq RNA-seq and miRNA-seq kits or Genomic Services, with one grant worth $20,000 and six grants worth $10,000 each.

We received an astounding 2400 applications! We’re pleased to finally announce the awardees of 2021 QIAGEN RNA-seq Grant.

Lynne Abruzzo
Lynne Abruzzo, M.D., The Ohio State University

Research title: Exploring the NRIP1 regulome in chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL)

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