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Core Labs

Core labs are shared resource facilities that provide the latest instruments, services and expertise that may not be readily available in your labs. This can greatly reduce the burden of equipment and labor costs for individual labs and help you hit your research milestones on time.

Here are some additional benefits of core labs for research:

  • Standardization and quality control so you can trust the data
  • Resource optimization (for example, sharing reagents)
  • Collaboration and knowledge sharing
Find a core lab

Find a core lab

QIAGEN is partnering with leading service centers and core labs to advance research with local expertise you can trust. These partnerships range from support with sample preparation technologies to high-quality, streamlined NGS library preparation methods paired with industry-leading bioinformatics pipelines and highly customizable PCR-based assays for data verification.

Become a core lab partner

Partner with us to leverage our expertise and get your customers access to a portfolio of dedicated Sample to Insight solutions, optimized for any NGS workflow, and agnostic to the instrument used. We help you deliver on the promise of quality, compatibility and consistency with standardized workflows, increasing efficiency and reducing time to valuable insights.

Become a core lab partner
Top core lab products

Whether preparing to approach a core lab with your samples or a core lab seeking to expand your services, our comprehensive solutions can deliver reliable experimental results most efficiently and keep you ahead of the curve. 

Starting a new lab?
Make sure your new lab is set up with the best equipment and technologies. Our new lab programs are designed to help you get that first step right.