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Confidence in your results, no matter the throughput

Working in high-throughput database or reference labs, you face unique challenges related to DNA sample processing every day. Maintaining the same high first-time success rates with increasing sample numbers and cost per sample means a constant endeavor to maintain quality standards and sample continuity. High quality standards and low cost must not be compromised, and this usually means that throughput pays the price. To address these challenges, we have developed an array of easy-to-automate workflow solutions to increase your lab’s throughput. Simpler and easier sample collection, quicker sample processing and greater flexibility on sample format means increased efficiency and a reduction in rework. Discover how our streamlined workflow solutions can guarantee quality results every time.
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Find database solutions to bring greater efficiency to your lab

Whether you’re performing reference or casework sample collection, or looking to store and protect the integrity of your precious samples under all conditions, or even considering customized kits for your workflow, we have a solution for you.
  • Collectors and collection kits – for simple, reliable and standardized sample collection
  • Indicating FTA cards – for collection, stabilization, processing, transport and archiving of buccal and saliva samples
  • Non-indicating FTA cards – for collection, stabilization, processing, transport and archiving of blood samples
  • Sample punching – for precise sample disc removal from FTA cards
  • Swabs – foam swabs and OmniSwabs with ejectable head for buccal and saliva samples
  • Accessories – for contamination-free collection, storage, transport and processing of DNA samples
  • Custom solutions – for creating optimized solutions that fit into your workflow
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Ensure reliable results from the start
Our human ID and forensic sample collection products offer easy, safe and reproducible results, with longer storage data (for FTA paper-based products) than any other product. With their long history of use in human identity testing, you can have maximum confidence in your results. Explore our full range of sample collection products now.
Custom sample collection solutions

If your needs fall outside of standard catalog kits, we can create a kit that enables you to handle sample collection with a single product that fits into your workflow. Your kit can include any of our Whatman FTA products or other sample collection products and accessories.

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Easy-to-use sample collection devices ensure high database success rates
Sample collection by law enforcement officers needs to be simple and effective to avoid submission of poor-quality samples. In this application note, we describe a workflow that represents an effective and scalable high-throughput solution for DNA databasing in human identification and forensics.
Enhance overall laboratory efficiency with QIAGEN automated solutions
Forensic and human identity labs frequently require automated solutions to efficiently process the large number of samples they receive. Automated forensic sample prep must enable purification of PCR-ready DNA from a diverse range of samples and matrices, with fast setup of your downstream analyses. Our comprehensive range of automated solutions can standardize your workflow, minimize hands-on time and deliver the reproducible, high-quality data you need. Plus, we offer direct amplification protocols with our Investigator 24plex QS, 26plex QS, ESSplex SE QS and Argus Y-28 QS kits.
QIAGEN automated solutions​
Comprehensive and versatile STR technology

STRs are in worldwide use for kinship and forensic analysis. Discover our portfolio of high-quality assays for human identification, with versatile coverage of current international STR standards, including the European Standard set (ESS), the Combined DNA Index system (CODIS) and other non-standard and unique gonosomal loci. Trust QIAGEN expertise for your paternity testing applications.

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Have confidence in your results with our solutions for STR analysis
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Bring greater efficiency to your reference lab

Challenge the limits of your current STR kit. There is a growing need for using a secondary STR kit as a backup in reference database labs. Find out why you need a secondary STR kit and how this can impact your database lab. Discover the best way to improve overall success rates and confidence in results by bringing in the Investigator 24plex GO! Kit as a backup.

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