World Cancer Day
Cancer Research

World Cancer Day

Each year, World Cancer Day on February 4, is a great time to reflect on the value of cancer research and what has been achieved, and to use it as motivation to work together on new goals.

We asked cancer researchers and QIAGENers why cancer research is so important. Watch the videos to hear why cancer research is so valuable to them personally. From research and development of new sample technologies, to programming of powerful bioinformatics we are committed to providing you with the best tools and support to accelerate your research.

Why is cancer research important to you?

See what motivates cancer researcher, Dr. Hannah Wardill. And learn what drives QIAGENers to support your work to conquer cancer.
Dr Hannah Rose Wardill

Cancer researchers at the Innovation Forum

One example of our activities to support cancer research, is to invite scientists to present their research and results at our annual Innovation Forum. Now you can enjoy talks on demand – just log in to your My QIAGEN account and then register for your chosen webinar.