A woman wearing a lab coat smiling to the camera is surrounded by boxes with QIAGEN products on shelves
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Our customers

We are proud to serve over 500,000 customers around the globe with QIAGEN’s Sample to Insight solutions. From Nobel Prize-winning researchers to community hospital laboratories, QIAGEN’s products are found in nearly every lab the world over. Our instruments and consumables guide our customers as they unlock valuable insights from the basic molecular building blocks of life.
Meet our customers
Explore our library of stories and videos and see how our customers are pushing the boundaries with their scientific breakthroughs and healthcare advances.
Dr Katja Sanger holding a set of vails
Dr. Katja Sänger from the MVZ Labor Dr. Reising-Ackermann & Kollegen in Leipzig put the high throughput NeuMoDx 288 system for molecular diagnostics through its paces. Read her story here.
Molecular diagnostics

Our molecular testing solutions enable healthcare providers to generate insights that help guide patient care in the right direction. We work closely with clinicians, key opinion leaders, and pharmaceutical companies to develop tests of the utmost relevance for infectious diseases, oncology, and immune monitoring.

Lawrence Weiss's portrait
"Having the PIK3CA test available gives hope not only to newly diagnosed patients but also to existing patients"
Dr. Lawrence Weiss, Chief Medical Officer, NeoGenomics
A man sitting in a lab surrounded by small animal figures on shelves
Dr. Ian Kendrich Fontanilla, Head of the Institute of Biology at the University of Philippines uses DNA extraction to guide conservation efforts and turn the tide on mass extinction. Read his story here.
Life sciences

Our life science customers include academic researchers, applied testing labs, as well as pharmaceutical and biotech companies. They are scientists working to understand the foundations of life, uncovering the hidden truths at crime scenes, and developing the next generation of medicine.

A woman observing a petri dish
"We get really good results using the QIAGEN DNA kits, with high DNA yields."
Dr Hannah Wardill, University Medical Center Groningen