The versatility of standard PCR and qPCR is well known. Digital PCR is now taking this to a whole new level. The power of partitioning enables you to explore new frontiers which have been limited with present-day standard technologies: the more partitions, the higher the resolution and sensitivity. Besides, with more partitions, a higher volume of diluted sample can still be analyzed. 

QIAGEN’s digital PCR technology is superior to any standard technology in handling difficult samples with inhibitors or complex mixtures. Its versatility and capability find enormous use in the fields of gene expression analysis, ancient DNA analysis, environmental DNA analysis, viral load detection, biomarker identification from liquid biopsy, copy number variation detection and validation of NGS results.
In this webinar, we’ll take a deep dive into the following topics:

•    The power of partitioning (eDNA, aDNA, SNP, miRNA and gene editing)
•    Detection of high copy number variation
•    Assay setup, tips, and tricks

About the speaker
Daniel Heinz Löfgren, MSc., Market Development Manager – dPCR/PCR
Daniel Heinz Löfgren is the Market Development Manager for digital PCR (dPCR) and PCR at QIAGEN for EMEA. He has over 10 years of experience in the field of PCR, qPCR and dPCR, with assay design, different workflows and applications. In addition, he has worked for 5 years as a Field Applications Specialist for droplet digital PCR and qPCR. Furthermore, he has experience working as a Genomics Applications Specialist supporting QIAGEN’s NGS workflows.
Date of recording:Thursday, 12 December 2019
Duration:45 minutes
Molecular Biology Research
Digital PCR