What attracts a talented individual to a global company?

Many would say it's the corporate culture and work environment that make all the difference. There is more to QIAGEN, than facts and figures, markets and customers, products and production. Team enthusiasm and a collaborative spirit are a strong part of our corporate culture and identity. In a congenial environment like ours, the exchange of ideas can take place anywhere – not just during a team meeting – but at lunch, over a coffee, or even waiting for the elevator. Surrounded by inspired and like-minded colleagues, inspiration could strike anytime. 

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Stephany Foster
Stephany Foster, Senior Vice President and Head of Human Resources, describes the unique culture at QIAGEN: “Beyond our products and continued impact on innovation, what has kept me at QIAGEN for over 15 years are the people and the opportunities available to develop and grow. We have teams of passionate and skilled professionals from around the world, working together to make our company vision of making improvements in life a reality. We have a high level of respect for each other and a commitment to performance and personal integrity. We strive for a culture that values the diversity of thought and experience and offers an environment that encourages constant growth. I am a perfect example of the opportunities that QIAGEN has to offer: I joined QIAGEN 15 years ago in the field of finance and accounting. I was offered the chance to move into HR, and today, I head a global division of 100+ QIAGENers. I hope you, too, consider joining us here at QIAGEN and discover your potential.”

I enjoy the freedom I'm given to make informed decisions and steer my products.

At QIAGEN we create Sample to Insight solutions that enable more than 500,000 customers worldwide to transform biological samples into valuable molecular insights. The work of unlocking these insights is quite a journey. We start off by offering the most reliable sample technologies, and continue by developing top-quality assays and test panels that enable our customers to accurately analyze and identify various diseases, genetic variations or other molecular targets.
For us, making improvements in life possible means enabling our customers to achieve outstanding success and breakthroughs in life sciences, applied testing, pharma and molecular diagnostics.

Our commitment to the markets, customers and patients we serve drives our innovation and leadership in all areas where our Sample to Insight solutions are required. But our excellence and success as a company is based on the exceptional talent, skill and passion of our employees. They are both driving our success and shaping a new wave of growth in the molecular biology revolution.
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Find the right fit for you

We are united by a purpose to create more economic opportunities for everyone.

Your career path and professional growth are as important to us as they are to you – and it’s part of our business to help you grow your talent and skills.

Speaking of growth – our excellent track record for growth is driven by innovation and acquisition, not to mention the dedication and enthusiasm of our employees. As a fast-growing company, one thing we can offer you in your career – is the opportunity to take on responsibility for your own projects and have real input about how they're carried out.

As a fast-growing technology and knowledge-based company, we strive to ensure that training and career development are an integral part of the QIAGEN experience.

We have established a global Personal Enhancement System (PES), which creates a clear framework of regular, one-on-one review sessions for managers and each of their employees to discuss career development topics. These sessions include discussions of goals and their achievement, assessment of relevant competencies as well as definition of training needs and further career planning steps.

Professional Training & Development at QIAGEN is an ongoing process that reaches all employees, which cycles from the PES goal and development discussion to training participation and learning transfer.

Continuous Learning

As part of our continuous learning initiatives, we offer an exciting range of training opportunities to all employees at every level. To help you excel in your role, we provide training in key skills, such as communication and presentation, project management, and leadership. Developing young talent and fostering a spirit of learning and inquiry are just 2 of the ways we support your professional growth. Below is a small sample of our training options:

  • Successful Communication
  • Managing Remote Teams
  • From Conflict to Consensus
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing at QIAGEN
  • Fit for Leadership

We've also created a special Leadership Curriculum for management staff — a specialized training program to help our managers deal effectively with their wide-ranging tasks, far-reaching responsibilities, and multiple challenges.

If we don't offer a specific training course or workshop that suits your needs, tailor-made solutions can be created on request. In addition, we provide support for third-party, job-related training where needed.

The management 'program' for starters is a specific development program that prepares high-performing employees to take on initial leadership positions. The program provides training in leadership basics and an overview of relevant business management topics. 

QIAstat Rise, syndromic testing, female scientists working on instrument screen
QIAGEN systematically develops talents, providing them with strategic skill sets and supporting their individual growth.

QIAGEN’s mission statement says it all: “The exceptional talent, skill and passion of our employees are key to QIAGEN’s excellence, success and value.” This is underlined by the company’s talent management Philosophy – our belief in our people and that all people are unique! 

QIAGEN develops individuals in many different ways because people are so different and their talents so diverse. The company’s training and development philosophy is a mix of competency-based training programs, blended learning architecture combining face-to-face training with e-learning, learning from role models, cross-departmental and intercultural peer learning, structured feedback from different perspectives and ongoing support. The training curriculum features over 60 different programs covering a huge variety of training options. 

Systematic guidance to develop individual talents

By the end of 2018, a total of 76 QIAGEN employees will have completed the MBA program – including Rosa Chun, Business Manager Service Solutions APAC, and Dominic O'Neil, Associate Director DNA Product Development.

Rosa is a Korean-American who moved to Singapore from the US in 2006 and joined QIAGEN in 2008 from a previous job as a business consultant. Starting as a Technical Service Specialist, she was promoted first to Senior Technical Specialist and then to Business Manager, Service Solutions APAC. The talent management schemes Rosa has participated in include "Leading outside a management position" and "Fit for leadership", and she is currently attending the QIAGEN Executive MBA Program.

Dominic's German-American background gave him a taste of both countries' schooling before he graduated with a BSc in philosophy and an MSc in bioinformatics from US universities. After various biotechnology and biomedical research posts, Dominic joined QIAGEN in 2007. All his QIAGEN work has been in R&D where he has risen from Research Scientist to Associate Director, DNA Product Development. As a QIAGEN Executive MBA graduate, he is particularly appreciative of the company's management training schemes.

Rosa Chun

Find the right fit for you

We are united by a purpose to create more economic opportunities for everyone.

The exceptional talent, skill and passion of our people are key to our long-term success and growth. We are convinced that a focus on our people drives our economic performance and sustainability. For this reason, we strive to provide our employees a state-of-the-art working environment that supports both their personal and professional development. Our ambition is to be the industry's employer of choice and to attract and retain top talents on all levels.

These efforts have been repeatedly recognized by external bodies, resulting in several awards and recognitions for QIAGEN as an employer of choice. Some of the recent awards include: