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Nucleic Acid Isolation Service

Does your lab process dozens, hundreds or even thousands of biological samples at a time? Do you handle a large variety of sample types needing different extraction protocols? With this many samples, irreproducibility, handling errors and batch-to-batch inconsistency become magnified, which can lead to higher costs and longer turnaround times. As a result, nucleic acid isolation can become a laborious, rate-limiting factor in your work.

QIAGEN Genomic Services can help you overcome these limitations thanks to our industry-leading nucleic acid isolation technologies and almost 40 years of technical expertise. With our Nucleic Acid Isolation Service, you will get high-quality DNA and/or RNA shipped to you in the container of your choice, or used directly in downstream experiments through one of our other service options. Extend your in-house resources with the expertise and flexible services that you expect from QIAGEN. Our all-in-one DNA and RNA isolation service offers the following benefits:

  • Industry-leading expertise in nucleic acid isolation: We have nearly 40 years of experience in isolating high-quality DNA and RNA from even the most challenging samples using our trusted nucleic acid extraction technologies
  • Automation capabilities: Shortening of processing times and increased reproducibility
  • Guidance and flexibility: Based on sample type and your specific requirements, we select the most optimal product and workflow for maximum yields

Partner with us for expert guidance and dedicated service – from Sample to Insight – for preparing your samples today.

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